We advised that there should be a re-imagining of their existing Arabic and Latin identity which, up until then been modified at every use and without any sort of corporate guidelines. To avoid the brand identity being mishandled further we devised a new identity that was custom drawn in both Arabic and Latin and simplified for use across all material, products, signage and way-finding. An extensive brand guideline document was drawn up to assist their in-house and external design and manufacture partners going forward.


The customer experience required also needed an overhaul and we looked closely at adopting clearer visual mechanisms for way-finding and department signage in the supermarket. We helped visualise in detail the execution of the brand across all areas of the store, ensuring that consistency was maintained. Stores are now being fitted with the new branding, signage and way finding across the Middle East.


The focus also turned to products the supermarket chain will eventually begin to roll out under their own brand, allowing for greater control and margins. Our team looked devising a new labelling system that would ensure a logical and recognisable visual structure to all product packaging. The simplicity in the execution would make it easy to adapt and modify without needing to over-design the products.

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