Strategy and Branding

We worked closely with Dome to help define a unique position amongst hundreds of tour operators from around the world – all in close proximity in Makkah and the surrounding areas. The Hajj is an exceptional annual event with over 3 million pilgrims and one that requires both intimate knowledge of the pilgrimage but also the lived experience. Our team was already equipped with the experiences of being there and so our input was first-hand and authentic. We began by simplifying the identity and introducing a new logo, bold colours and brand language. The branding is extensively applied during the actual tours, from umbrellas, flags through to coaches and all the custom-designed personal accessories that Dome provides.


Our focus was to ensure an end-to-end cohesive experience for the special guests that travel with Dome. We devised a strict guideline document and ensured all products and merchandise was designed to fit into the Dome kit. The Archetype® team advised and designed every minute detail of the products and packaging. This attention to detail was carried over to the website that was designed to give customers a clear sense of the premium service that Dome offers. We further suggested and designed a new range of corporate uniforms for office and on-site use for all staff. We also helped visualise and guided the client on a new retail-experience that will enhance the business offering from their London location.

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