Amanah Prestige


We wanted to help Amanah establish a more refined identity that would appeal to its target audience. By developing branding that would be synonymous with luxury motoring and also reflect the success and growth of the brand, we ensured the brand was going beyond a local car dealership to a bespoke personal service for its clientele.


We wanted to ensure the brand experience was not lost when the dealership serves it’s clients online. A primary point of call for many of it’s customers, the website had to reflect the prestige and specialism the brand wanted to express. This ensured that first impressions, ease of use and clear information was key to the sales process.


Amanah approached us to help come up with an visualise a retail experience through interior design for their new flagship dealership. Our team worked on every little detail from the lighting, tiling, interior furnishing, colours, textures and exterior cladding and signage. Through detailed visuals and walk throughs, we helped extend that customer experience further.

  • Branding
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