We were invited to help Said Foundation with a new, at the time un-named, project that would celebrate and host the best of British Muslim cultures and arts in the UK. We helped the client through dedicated branding strategy workshops that helped them focus their goals and learn how to best position the brand in their desired market. By establishing a pathway to reach our goal; we opened up creative possibilities for us to explore ideas without getting lost in uncertainty.


We took the project through a naming process to help establish a unique name as part of the identity that resonate with the audience. This was done through a process of word associations, rating and narrowing down to find a set of keywords that best personified the target audience. Off the back of this our in-house nomenclature boffins got to work and devised a shortlist that helped narrow down the best name for the project – and AMAL (Hope in Arabic) was born.


Through an intense and exhilarating process that we’ve devised in-house, our creative team put together a range of options resulted in a playful and ‘dynamic’ brand identity for Amal. The final concept was designed around arches (doorways) that symbolised the opening of new possibilities, while giving a nod to Islamic architecture at the same time. The arch was devised so that it can be used in various ways; as a mask, silhouette or a physical piece that the audience can interact with.

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