Our work in Typography 3 book

Just delivered, the new Graphis Typography 3 book arrived today and we’re over the moon with our work being featured in this edition. Creative director, Ruh Al-Alam’s work features in the ‘Typography Masters’ section alongside Ikko Tanaka, Gerard Huerta, Steve Sandstrom, Fred Woodward, DJ Stout and Stephan Bundi.


As the only Arabic typographic work to feature in the book, we’re proud to be able to help promote the beautiful aesthetics and flexibility of Arabic typography. The unique Kufic-inspired typeface entitled ‘Spirit’ is beautifully demonstrated in four unique photographic compositions that involve dynamic dance moves with letterforms. Additionally the popular Arabic Didot typeface is featured, which got us significant recognition for mixing two very different traditions into one typeface.

With previous work being extensively featured in Arabesque and Arabesque 2 by Gestalten, we’re quite honoured to have recognition of our work.

The following are some samples of the work featured:

IMG_6281-Resized IMG_6276-Resized IMG_6277-Resized IMG_6279-Resized IMG_6278-Resized

From Graphis:

Graphis Typography 3 presents work of some of the top international design and type design masters in the industry. In addition, we present some examples of typography from the past 100 years, as well as an index of the major independent type foundries available to the profession. Highlighted is work of several typography and design masters, including Ikko Tanaka, Gerard Huerta, Steve Sandstrom, Fred Woodward, Ruh AlAlam, DJ Stout and Stephan Bundi, to name a few. Also presented is the Platinum and Gold winning work from notable designers including Michael Schwab, Toshiaki & Hisa Ide, Andrea Castelletti, Graham Hanson, Gunter Rambow, Kit Hinrichs and Armando Milani, among others. The book also includes a historic timeline of typography, which explores the progression of type since the 5th century B.C., as well as articles about the Didot font family, the differences between lettering, type design and fonts, as well as Timothy Eaton’s diary on the production of the memorable AIGA Minnesota Commemorative Poster. Typography 3 is an indispensable inspiration resource for designers, type foundries, advertising agencies, art directors, photographers, students and professors of type and design.


Size: 8.5″x11.75″
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 256
ISBN: 9781932026979

At Archetype, we’re specialists in Arabic typography and calligraphy – often involving custom typeface development due to the limited number of good Arabic fonts available. Calligraphic design in various traditional and modern scripts allow us to continuously offer unique results for our clients. See some of our Arabic logos here.